Shahlan Food Industries Company

CEO and Company Profile

Kandou Shahd Shargh Azar Company (private joint stock) started in 2010 in the area of food packaging. Construction Phase I of its factory was launched in January-February 2010 in Shahid Salimi Industrial Area, Azarshahr Rd., Tabriz, Iran. Afterward, it began introducing its products into the market under the brand of SHAHLAN.

Enlisting the help of qualified managers and investment advisers and underscoring the value of job creation, Shahlan Food Industries Company managed to produce over 20 types of products, including various canned foods and sauces/dressings in its first year. 

Shahlan Honors and Awards

Elected the Best Company of Iran in the National Congress on Food Quality Standards

Elected the Best Company of East Azerbaijan in the area of alterant industries by the Agriculture Organization of East Azerbaijan Province in 2011 and 2012

Elected the Best Entrepreneur of East Azerbaijan in 2012

Earned the Iranian National Quality Award in 2013

Earned the Top Brand Badge and Iranian Quality Award from IRI Food and Drug Administration in 2012 and 2013

Elected the Best Company in terms of quality standards in 2014  and Earned the Food Safety and Quality Award in 2014

National and International Market Share

In modern times, supplying products inside and outside a country requires special features; top quality and suitability to different tastes of consumers from different countries and cultures constitute the most important features in this regard. Fortunately, Shahlan has succeeded in earning the consumer trust to a point that it supplies 20% of the international and 80% of the Iranian market. 

Measures Taken in Harmony with the Resilient Economy and the Year’s Motto

Shahlan puts the following top on its agenda in line with the general policies of the resilient economy: